The winners of our 2023 Autumn semester scholarship have been announced. No e-mail will be sent to those who do not win our scholarship.

UTRADER provides gratuitous scholarships to students of all education levels, especially those studying at the university and those studying in fields related to international trade.

UTRADER Scholarship is open to all needy students who love our contry and desire to improve themselves.

Each student is paid a scholarship of 1.000/1.500./2.000 TL every month for 9 months, depending on their education level.

You can apply for the UTRADER scholarship between the dates specified below by clicking the Application Form Link.

  • Click here to access our Scholarship Guidelines. Please read our scholarship rules carefully.
  • Click here to access the Scholarship Commitment to be given by the winners of our scholarship.
  • By completing and signing the Scholarship Application Form, you undertake that you will comply with all the requirements and that if you receive a scholarship from institutions and organizations other than KYK, your scholarship may be canceled and you will bear all legal liability by paying back the amount you have received.

Spring semester scholarship applications have ended. Those who are entitled to receive our scholarship will be contacted directly within this month.

Application Period Opening Date Closing Date
1st Term 20-September 15-October
2nd Term will be announced will be announced

You can be our value partner by supporting our scholarship system.