Why was our association established ?

International Trade Network Association was established with the intent of developing cooperation among universities, the business world, households, public institutions and non-governmental organizations, but first and foremost students and alumni of international trade higher-education programs, to generate projects and organize events concerning Turkey economically, culturally, and socially, and to contribute to its members’ and the nation’s economic prosperity for the greater purpose of contributing to the advancements in the field of international trade on both the global and national level.

What are we trying to do?

  • Establishing business-university cooperation, producing joint projects and organizing activities in order to train qualified graduates,
  • To carry out scientific research and studies and publish research outputs, to organize scientific competitions on various subjects, to give awards,
  • Providing scholarships to students at different education levels, giving cash and in-kind donations to those in need,
  • To organize events such as conferences, symposiums, congresses, courses, seminars, trainings and panels at national and international level, alone or with other stakeholders, for fulfilling the purpose of the association,
  • To work for the evaluation and accreditation of educational institutions,
  • To obtain all kinds of information, documents and publications necessary for the realization of the purpose of the association or for the professional or personal development of the members of the association, and to issue publications in line with its aims to announce its work,
  • To organize activities such as dinner meetings, concerts, balls, theaters, exhibitions, sports, excursions, etc., in order to develop and maintain human relations among its members.


UTRADER was established on the territory of the Republic of Turkey based on the Association Law No. 5253.

  • 2019

    Establishment of the Association

    Utrader was founded on 6 November 2019 by academically and professionally experienced members with long-standing friendships. Yaşar Cesur became the first Chairman of the Board of the Association.

  • 2021

    1st General Assembly

    Due to the pandemic, we held our first general assembly on April 8, 2021 with great eagerness. Tuğba Kaymakcı was elected as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at the General Assembly.

Our Values

We internalize these values that we have formed and accept them as the basic pillars of all our work. We live every day depending on these values that energize us and shape our way of doing business.


UTRADER has employees who take the principle of unrequited as their guide and sacrifice their own time and social life for social benefit.

You can view our boards below and get to know us better.

Would you like to join us?

We are looking for volunteers, experts and proactive professionals who will contribute to our association. Apply for membership in our association, take part in our boards, let’s grow together.