What Do We Do?


We build our sectoral partnerships based on the perspectives from different fields of international trade in our events


We offer trainings to our association followers in all areas of international trade.

Student Coaching

We support career development in the business world with both our member and student mentorship programs.

Scholarship Support

Together with the value partners of our association, we stand by our young people who grow up in our field for nothing in return .

Internship Opportunity

We offer internship opportunities to the youngs so that they can gain experience in the first step of their careers.

Employment Support

In order to support sustainable international trade, we provide employment relationship between individuals and companies in our association.

We are International Trade-Oriented

This association was established with the intent of developing cooperation among universities, the business world, households, public institutions and non-governmental organizations, but first and foremost students and alumni of international trade higher-education programs, to generate projects and organize events concerning Turkey economically, culturally, and socially, and to contribute to its members’ and the nation’s economic prosperity for the greater purpose of contributing to the advancements in the field of international trade on both the global and national level.

You can be our value partner by supporting our scholarship system.

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