Student Coaching Program

The UTRADER Student Coaching Program is a one-on-one development and career journey with the student, led by a volunteer coach from the business world. The duration of the program is officially two education-training periods.

The aim of the program is to reveal the desired goals of the coachee, to enable them to discover themselves, to determine the academic and social development goals in the school processes, to plan, to evaluate their performance and to make suggestions.


The Objectives of the Program have been determined as follows:

  • Developing social skills such as communication, teamwork, ethics
  • Strengthening social networks
  • Informing about developments and changes in the field
  • Internalizing more effective and efficient working methods in academia
  • Focus on success and goal
  • Developing alternative thinking methods
  • Using time effectively
  • Developing fast and effective decision-making methods

It is important for the coaches and coachee in the UTRADERStudent Coaching Program to act in accordance with ethical rules and social norms while communicating and sharing.

If the coach or the coachee believes that it will not be possible to achieve the goals of the program, the party experiencing the problem should report the issue to the relevant unit, [email protected] The relevant unit may reach one of the following three decisions after the evaluation.

  • A new coachee can be assigned to the coach.
  • A new coach can be assigned to the coachee.
  • The coach or the coachee can be terminated from the program.
  • The candidate to be a coach must first adopt the mission, vision and values of the International Trade Network Association.
  • Coach candidate must have at least two years of industry experience
  • The candidate should have high communication and empathy skills. Accordingly, he/she should always be determined to establish a positive bond and cooperation with the coachee.
  • In addition to his responsibilities in the business world, the coach candidate should have the space and flexibility to devote enough time to the coachee.
  • It is essential that the person who wants to benefit from the International Trade Network Association Coaching Program is studying at the university on a full-time basis.
  • It is important for coachees to have goals in this career journey that they will enter together with their coaches.
  • In the coaching process, the coachee should be willing to learn and cooperate with the coach on certain projects.
  • The coachee should sincerely convey his/her academic activities and expectations to his/her coach and should be subject to the coach’s directions.
  • The coachees must be demanding.
  • Coach should be carried out on the basis of establishing positive bonds and cooperation with the coachee. In other words, during the coaching process, the coachee should be both learners and collaborators in small, short projects that you can do together.
  • Coachees will want to know about your career journey. However, coachees may have conditions that differ from your background or capabilities. Therefore, your career story is important but not sufficient.
  • We are aware of how high your intensity is and how difficult your life struggle is. However, it is important to spend quality time with your coachees. If you cannot spare time or use your time correctly; It will be very difficult for us to compensate for the disappointment that will occur in them.
  • Some coachees will come to you with a shy, some passive, and some opportunistic perspective. You must accept all of these and find ways to improve them.
  • We recommend that you share the following with your coachees.
    • Ask for their resume. Help and guide the issues that can be added to their resumes while they are still a student.
    • Ask what courses they have taken and what they have learned in these courses. Show and explain to them the equivalents of what they learned in the lessons in the business world and in daily life.
    • Advise them to follow up the association and its activities first.
    • Invite to your workplace where possible and healthy; invite them to meetings that are not of high importance in your business.
    • Share links, news and tutorials daily. Guide the coachee to be a sharer as well.
    • If possible, offer business that is not a trade secret and is not risky.
    • Conducting your interviews routinely will be invaluable for motivating them.
    • Express that you will do your best in (if possible) compulsory and optional internships.
    • Inform them about the opportunities abroad, the positions suitable for them in the sector, and try to introduce them to the people in your network.
    • Most importantly, give them sincere advice on patriotism and ethical behavior.

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    Coachee candidates apply with the “Coachee Application Form” on the UTRADER website.

    • It opens every year 15 days before the start of the academic year.
    • It ends 15 days after the start of the academic year.
    • The Coaching Program is announced on uTRader’s website continuously and periodically on social media accounts.

    Coachee candidates apply with the “Coachee Application Form” on the UTRADER website.

    • It opens every year 15 days before the start of the academic year.
    • It ends 15 days after the start of the academic year.
    • The Coaching Program is announced on uTRader’s website continuously and periodically on social media accounts.

    Applications are evaluated and matched by the Academy Relations Team.

    • Matching and evaluations are made within a week.
    • All of the application forms received from the students are sent to the coaches by covering the information that will enable the students to be identified personally (Name, surname, contact information, gender, etc.). Coaches notify the Academy Relations team that they have chosen among the candidates. The team makes the match by taking the opinion of the Association Management.

    After the pairing, the Academy Relations Team sends an e-mail to the coachees and coaches to inform them that the matches are made.

    • After matching, e-mails are sent to coaches and coachees until the evening of the next day.

    After the mails are sent, the coachees communicate with their coaches.

    • When the e-mail reaches the coachees, the Academy Relations Team requests the coachees to send an introductory text along with their CVs to their coaches.
    • The time to contact is determined as three days.
    • Coaches inform the coachees who do not contact them within three days to the Academy Relations Team.

    Holding the first meeting.

    • After the CVs of the coachees are received, the coaches and coachees are given one week to organize the first meeting. The first meeting must be held face-to-face or online. Face-to-face meetings can also be held in the company where coach’s works. The first meeting must be held face-to-face or online. Face-to-face meetings can also be held in the company where coach’s works.
    • In the first meeting, the handbooks shared with the coaches and the student should be discussed and CV evaluation should be made.
    • The frequency of the meeting and what the channel should be should be decided.
    • At least one meeting per week and once a month online or face-to-face meeting should be held.

    Mid-term evaluation and end-of-program evaluation during the coaching program should be held.

    • Mid-term evaluationt – takes place in the middle of the Fall semester. It is completed within a week.
    • End of program evaluation is done at the end of the program. It is completed within a week.

    Making New Period Evaluations at the End of the Coaching Program.

    • The Coaching Program has been determined as an academic year. As a result of the evaluations made at the end of the academic year, the program can continue in the new term if both parties want to continue.
    • If one of the parties does not want to proceed; The interest of the parties towards the program is questioned. A new coach may be assigned to the coachee if the coach deems it appropriate for the coachee to continue with the program. If it is not deemed appropriate, the coachee’s program is terminated.
    • In case the coach wants to continue and the coachee does not: the coach can terminate the program with his/her own coachee and a new coachee can be assigned to the coach in the new education period.

    Sharing the Information of the New Term Evaluations

    • As a result of all the evaluations with Coaches and Coachees, information about the continuation of the program in the new term is sent via e-mail within one week.

    “I am aware of many opportunities, but I do not know how to evaluate which ones. I would like to receive support in this regard.”

    “The biggest reason I want to work with a coach is that I need support to unlock my potential. A coach who will support me in its emergence, suggest new opportunities, and share his/her own experiences can support me in directing my business life. I think unevaluated talent is pointless and maybe a coach can help me with that.”

    “Working with a coach is to hear firsthand what is going on in the sector, to know what we can do when entering the sector, to benefit from the experience of the person who will support us, in which department of international trade we can be better when he meets with us, as he/she will be from the sector, in addition to developing us in that direction by giving directions about it. To meet people from the sector and create a network, to find a company that we can use this network to work with during our internship or when we graduate in our last year.”

    “As a new graduate candidate, I need a realistic perspective on the industry. I think I need to work with a coach to create a realistic career path rather than hypothetical future plans.”

    “I want to work with a coach with whom I can exchange ideas in my career planning and consult about the sector easily.”

    “I’m very close to graduating And I don’t know much about the industry. I still haven’t decided what to do that will make me happier. I need a coach who will guide me and support me when my education life is over.”

    “First of all, I’m not one of those who came to this department voluntarily, even I thought it wouldn’t work, I came here on the advice of a friend. I was worried, but as the classes started, I liked it and I wanted to improve myself, but there is nothing clear in my mind about how I can do it, So support me. I think it would be good for me to have a coach who will help me improve myself and gain self-confidence (especially I have problems with self-confidence) and will guide me in the right way. ” “

    “First of all, I need a professional and experienced coach, as I am a foreign student, because I do not know most of the companies here, I do not know how they recruit, what they want from us during school and after graduation. For this reason, I want to improve myself with a professional coach until I graduate, and I feel that I need it very much.”

    “I want a coach who can both guide me professionally while I study and guide me after graduation.”

    “I feel the need for a consultant to reach the day when I feel really ready for business life, in the right way and with the necessary equipment.”

    “I want to work with a coach because I think that all the information I have learned or will learn about my department at university is applied in real life, and I have more comprehensive information on this subject, as I think this information will be beneficial for how I will continue and shape my career.”

    “I think that the suggestions I will receive from experts during my school and business life are necessary in order to take firm steps towards my goal.”

    “A person who has passed the roads you are going through right now is the person who can guide you in the most correct way. To give an example, “Nasreddin Hodja fell from the roof one day and the people around him went to call a doctor, and Nasreddin Hodja said to them, bring someone who fell from the roof to me, that’s the best time for me”. I mean, sometimes having people who understand us better than we do helps us to direct our lives in the right direction. And there will also be people we will guide in the future, by learning this now, I can better help other students in the future.”

    “I love improving myself, but I always sigh, “I wish I could consult someone, ask what I’m curious about, get my thoughts approved, get unprofitable help”. I want to work with a coach in order to get help and support in the field of professional and personal development (school, university, internship and business life, language development, individual development, self-confidence).”

    “I need to take firm steps to build my career. For this, I would like to work with a coach who will guide me in my life.”

    “I think that International Trade is very wide-ranging, there are issues that I want to consult with experienced people who are in the sector or who are academically trained, in order to plan my future.”

    “It is nice to exchange ideas with someone who has been down that road before when experience and knowledge are insufficient.”

    “Since I don’t want to take a master degree, I need help with what will be the next step in my life.”

    “I have successfully carried out my duties until now, and during this pandemic period, I started my business life in the private sector, in the foreign trade department, in the 2nd grade. If there is a coach who guides me, he can be a light on this path and guide me how I can reach my goals.”

    “I still haven’t decided what to do after my school life is over. In order to improve myself, I would like to get the thoughts of a coach and guide him.”

    “When I finish my department and enter the business world, I want to be more confident and make the right decisions without getting stuck at any point. I would like to work with a coach who can help me make the best decisions. A coach who will convey his experiences in business life, enlighten me with his knowledge and increase my motivation will be very effective for me. Because when I start working, I want to be the best in my field and make as few mistakes as possible.”

    “My dream is to start my own business and export. For this, I need international connections and industry experience. I am planning to do an Erasmus internship in order to gain an international network. I made an agreement with a company in Italy. After graduation, I will do an internship there for 1 year. But once I get there, how can I expand my network, how can I gain more experience and how can I take the first steps to start my own business, these are all question marks in my mind. In short, I am an entrepreneurial student who wants to export, I do something on my own to follow my dreams, but after a certain point I need professional support. Therefore, it will be much more efficient for me to communicate with a coach and act under his guidance.”

    “I am a 3rd year student of International Trade Department. In the first year of my university life, I could not adapt to school. But this was entirely my fault. My lessons were also bad, I just started to pick up. More than that, I know that in order to have a job, it is necessary to learn a foreign language. Since I don’t know, I also have difficulties in professional English lessons at school. I wanted to learn on my own. For example, I started watching the English lessons given on a channel on YouTube at A1-A2 level, but I watched only 15 minutes of the narrated parts of the 2-hour video and could not continue. Every time I want to add something to myself, I cannot continue the work I started, even one step, and I have no one to help me with motivation. I can’t do anything on my own. That’s why I want to work with a coach because I will feel like I have responsibilities to him/her so I can start doing something.”

    “I think that if I work with a coach, I will progress more systematically and regularly in my department.”

    “To have more knowledge of the legislation and obligations required for international trade, to increase my knowledge, to have a command of the coordinated functioning of the communication between the departments and to be an expert in the department that suits me.”

    “When university life ends, it will be a negative for all of us to start business life with no experience. But having a coach will help us a head start for business life. I believe that benefiting from their experience will take us forward. When university life is over, we will have only theoretical knowledge. However, thanks to them, we will have a chance to put theoretical knowledge into practice. We may not be able to use some job opportunities because we cannot express ourselves correctly in the sector or we cannot market ourselves well. But I think it will be possible for us to minimize these mistakes thanks to having a coach.”

    “I want to work with a coach to help my career and guide me well.”

    “I want to have a manager to guide me and help shape my life to learn the best about my business. “

    “I want to work with a coach to improve my knowledge and get help from a professional with their experience and prepare for my future career”

    “We recently established a company on the fashion industry. I need someone with experience to guide me and give me advice. I want to gain more experience with you as much as I can. I need a coach who will not only guide me for my company, but I can consult about how I should take steps in the business world in general.”

    “Because it would be very beneficial for me to have someone to guide me about my career plans.”

    “I am 22 years old and after graduating from the department, I will probably look for a job. Let’s say everything went as I wanted and I found a job in a short time and my working career started. The maximum starting salary I will receive is 3500 TL and I will have to leave at 6:30 pm to receive this salary. This process seems to take 4-5 years like this. In my opinion, it is not something I would like to encounter such a scenario after 5 years (1 preparation) study and effort, so we can design better scenarios together with a coach or consultant who can help me after my education. In addition, I would like to help and guide dozens of students who think like me in this way.”

    “As far as I know, it is not enough just to go to school and study. Being with a coach will teach me the work tasks I will face. However, it is extremely important for me to consult an experienced person.”

    “Thanks to program, I can have more luck so I can consider all the options.”

    “A coach who would guide me, tell me how to achieve success in an orderly manner and what I need to do to achieve success despite adversity, would be great for me.”

    “Our potential is very high. Although my academic education is not successful, I am an individual with a highly developed decision-making mechanism, with many qualities such as practical intelligence, innovation, leadership. When I am guided by qualified people, it doesn’t take long for me to reach my goals and it gets me to where I want to be.”

    “If an example is needed, I can give it myself. My coach is my family right now. They brought me up from my childhood and made me serfs for me. now is my time, I have to work hard both for them and for myself and I want to see myself in a good place so I have to work hard for it. If I have a coach and he/she guides me and makes me a sponsor, I can work for them like my family and I am ready to do whatever it takes to see them in a good place.”

    “I want to work with a coach to benefit from the experience of someone who is experienced in the field before taking a step into the industry.”

    “I think it will be beneficial for me to get support from the professionals of the business and mentoring about the sectors before I graduate.”

    “I want to work with a coach to get ideas from experienced people who will guide me and convey their experiences in my professional life and to help me.”

    “I am currently interested in E-Commerce. I work in a company that sells electronic sound systems and lighting products. Apart from that, I created a wide portfolio of producers based on my activities and commercial relations. I have the potential to find the manufacturer of almost any product. However, I am having some difficulties in finding customers. I think I can make the right moves with the guidance of a coach. In this direction, I believe that I can be successful by making both domestic and international sales and establishing a team in line with my goal.”

    “To add new things to my career steps, thoughts and ideas in the professional field, to have a professional look at the aspects of the event that I have never looked at, to listen to advice and experience, if we look at trade more broadly, I can create a stronger career thanks to coach so that I can contribute to international trade in the future. I want to prepare my infrastructure.”