Utrader Trade League Contest is waiting for you!

Trade Has Never Been So Exciting!
Join the Race to the Top of the Trade!

UTRADER launched a unique contest in Turkey and around the world on September 28, 2021. We opened a new horizon in foreign trade with this unique event where there is no loser and everyone wins.

In this innovative event, which is the scene of a breathless struggle; You renew your agility and self-confidence by going through long roads to climb to the top.

Join this journey.

We have a place for you at the top of the trade. Are you with us in this contest?

Contest in foreign trade has never been this exciting. We want to see you among us,

The First Trade League includes 14 qualifiers and one final week from September 28, 2021 to January 04, 2022.

Scope of Contest Questions

Foreign Trade Basic Information and Terminology, Import and Export Legislation, International Transport and Logistics, Customs Legislation and Regulation, Foreign Trade Documents, Foreign Trade English, Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Financing, Delivery Methods, Government Supports and Incentives, International Payment Methods, International Trade Banking, International Commercial Law and Contracts, Insurance Types in International Trade, International Marketing; Target Market Search and Market Analysis, International Supply Chain, Inward Processing Regime and Outward Processing Regime, e-export and digital marketing.

1st Trade League Contest Schedule

Our 1st season competition was held between September 28, 2021 and January 04, 2022.

Exciting Moments

Below are the video contents that compiled the exciting moments that emerged during our 1st season competition.