Uluslararası Ticaret Ağı Derneği Akademi Ödülleri

UTRADER Academy Awards

Dear Researchers,

Export-oriented growth, which Turkey sees as the main tool and support for its development since the second half of the 1980s, has become increasingly important . Accordingly, our country’s exports have increased at a level that cannot be compared with when the move started in recent years.

Despite these developments, there are some problems and important opportunities in Turkey’s reaching its export potential and in the internationalization journey of our companies. The fact that Turkey, which is one of the world’s 20 largest economies, can still realize approximately 1% of the world’s exports, the scarcity of global companies, the fact that the speed of developing innovative, complex and branded products is not yet at the desired level, also points to our areas of improvement and opportunity.

The UTRADER Academy Awards, designed on this look and organized by the International Trade Network Association (UTRADER) and Sakarya University; will be awarded with the aim of encouraging and praising scientific research focused on the internationalization of Turkish companies and increasing Turkey’s export potential.

Researchers working at universities and research centers in Turkey, as well as undergraduate and graduate students from the Republic of Turkey can apply for the UTRADER Academy Awards, which have no precedent in Turkey and even in the world, in four different categories with their doctoral thesis, master’s thesis, undergraduate graduation work/project and article, which they have prepared as of January 1, 2019.

Studies prepared in line with the above-mentioned purpose will be evaluated in terms of originality, scientific quality and practical contribution required by the academic level of the studies by a jury consisting of competent academics and sector representatives in the organization of uTRader Association. Award applications can be made personally or by institutions.

The total amount of awards to be distributed in 2022 is 30,000 TL.

by Categories2022 Award Amounts

Doctoral Thesis 12.000 TL
Article 9.000 TL
Master’s Thesis 6.000 TL
Undergraduate Graduation Work/Project 3.000 TL

Award Calendar

Deadline 15 September 2022
Announcement date of winners 22 October 2022
Award ceremony date 06 November 2022

Award Documents

Award Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Hakan Tunahan (Sakarya University, Department of International Trade and Finance)
  • Assoc. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sinan Esen (Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, Department of International Trade and Logistics)
  • Assoc. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Umut Sanem Çitçi (Bakırçay University, Department of Business Administration)

We look forward to evaluating the works of our academicians and students working in the related field, which support the export of our country and the internationalization efforts of our companies.

Academy Awards Application Form

You can apply for the award with the information and form below.
We would like to thank all researchers who contribute to the development of our country and wish them success.


Documents to be sent
Thesis including the signatures and date of the jury for the master’s or doctoral thesis (For the public YÖK Thesis page theses, it is sufficient to enter the number in the relevant place below.)

For the article, only the cover of the journal, the pages showing the referee committee and indexes, and the article itself (for online ones, just enter the DOI number in the relevant place below.) or the article acceptance letter containing the signature-date. Application for the award can be made with more than one article or a joint article with more than one author.

The work itself and your transcript for theDissertation/Project.
You can also upload additional documents that will provide evidence of your work.

Please send the documents in zip file format

E-mail address to send documents to: [email protected]